Individual Lessons

Cost £100 / lesson

Functional Integration

In one to one lessons, students usually come with a particular need or request. This may be a problem with chronic pain or a traumatic injury. It may be an athlete or performer who wants to improve their performance. Sometimes people come with neurological difficulties such as a stroke or cerebral palsy. The practitioner begins by observing how you move in a number of situations such as shifting weight, turning or balancing, noticing where you are experiencing difficulty. 

The main part of the lesson takes place on a comfortable, padded table. The practitioner uses a gentle manipulative technique to address your particular habits of moving and holding yourself. As you are guided into new ways of moving, stiffness and muscular tension dissipate, breathing becomes fuller and easier and you may experience a profound sense of wellbeing.

The teacher will often make suggestions as to how you can take this new way of moving into daily life, or how to put it into practice your sport or art.