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“Thanks to Catherine’s gentle exercises in FeldenFit, addressing the skeleton, I have been able to actually articulate my short, stiff lower spine! Following the trot in a really supple way became more and more important on the FEI road, has always alluded me to this point…. so to sit so much better is like a miracle!”

Jane Windeler

FeldenFit 3 – our latest thirty day programme is now available

FeldenFit 3 is 30 lessons that specifically address how to take your riding to the next level. Lessons and imagery that improve your foundation and support from the ground up. Movements that free your head, neck and eyes from long-held patterns of muscular contractions. Experience how ribs that are springy and supple impact the independence of your legs and hip joints. Clarify the wave like oscillations of the pelvis, spine and head that make riding the more dynamic gaits smooth beyond imagination. And finally 4 specific lessons to do in the saddle, or in the barn before you get on. This is truly the rider’s series!

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"Most of us know that using a brute force approach with our horses doesn't lead to good results. Same with our own bodies! Feldenfit/Feldenkrais is the missing piece of a more "intelligent" way to use ourselves for riding (and anything else in our lives)! Profound changes in coordination, balance, and even strength can come from the increased awareness we gain from these small, subtle movements. And the help and advice from Catherine McCrum is fantastic, as is the support of a positive-minded group of participants who are keen to learn - for themselves and for their horses."

Shan Shnookal

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