Aware Rider 2024

Starting in March over 11 Weeks
Join us as we go down the rabbit hole of exploration of what it means to be in relationship with our horses, ourselves, and the training process.
Do you feel like there is more to riding than just the ‘riding’ part? 
Maybe you have even considered that you might need to be more mindful, or do a ‘bit of work’ on yourself so that you can be happier as a rider, and to be a better partner for your horse. 

In this, our fourth course of The Aware Rider series, Thomas and Shana Ritter, Catherine Mc Crum, Charlotte Zetterberg and Yvonne Lübcke are delighted to continue the ‘conversation about the conversation you have with your horse’.
The 11- week course is all about how to ‘be’ with your horse so they really enjoy being with you. The aim is a happy horse who actively seeks contact with you AND enjoys the training process. And who doesn’t want that!
Combining an exploration of mind-body theories with the practice of Feldenkrais lessons, you will learn new and practical ways to develop your sensory awareness, be more present in the moment, and communicate with your horse so that they feel heard, respected and understood.

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The AWare Rider

‘I love this course! I can sit more straight and relaxed on the horse, I feel him much more, I influence him the way I want. I have even started to get the feeling of riding with expression, so that I feel that I have started to shape him in the way I want, so that I can say “Here we are, this is us, and this is how we move and work together at the moment”.’
Renate Skeie, Portugal.

The Aware Rider with Ritter Dressage

Two 6-week go-at-your own pace programmes taught by Feldenkrais Practitioner, Catherine McCrum, and Dr. Thomas and Shana Ritter.

This program is a set of pre-recorded sessions. You can work through these at the pace prescribed, more quickly, or more slowly. It is totally up to you. You will receive instant access to all of the recordings immediately.

What course members are saying

“my whole seat changed. My horses back comes up, because my legs give room to do that. She breathes better because there is less tension in my thighs. For me it feels like I am sitting with more connection more inside the horse. My back problems got much better, also my knee pain is gone. I have scoliosis and the left side of my pelvis was moving differently that evened out and my shoulders and neck are not (so) tense anymore.”
 Verena Stefan, Germany

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Aware Rider 1 Session Themes

Week 1
What is awareness?

Week 2
Thinking, feeling, sensing and moving: 4 parts of an action

Week 3
Habits: friend or foe

Week 4
Beyond good posture: clarifying support from the ground up

Week 5
Centre, breath and organising the pelvis for effortless action

Week 6
Creativity, spontaneity and self-expression: a new conversation with our horses

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Aware Rider 2 Session Themes

Week 1
Finding the Sweet Spot:
Explore your habitual midline and discover the true middle.

Week 2
May the Force Move Through You:
Clarifying the skeletal chain.

Week 3
Know Where You Are:
Clarifying your spatial orientation

Week 4
Intention, Initiation, Orientation:
From thinking to dynamic function.

Week 5
The Power Conundrum/Play/Principle:
The relationship between strength, flexibility and balance.

Week 6
A State of Flow:
Riding in lightness

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Photographs by Tanja Davis. #tanjadavis