Group Classes

Awareness Through Movement

In a group class we look at an action that we all do in daily life such as walking, sitting or turning, noticing any discomfort or restrictions. 

The main part of the lesson can be done in lying. sitting, standing or kneeling. The teacher verbally guides you through a sequence of gentle movements intended to develop a greater awareness of how you move. You learn to use this awareness to let go of limiting habits and reconnect with your ability to move, think and feel with greater clarity and ease. People often experience a ‘revelation’ when they sense their potential for effortless yet powerful movement.

Upcoming Feldenkrais classes and workshops in London

Whether playing sport or walking, practicing a musical instrument or working at your computer, many activities in daily life can become less than pleasurable when your movement is limited by pain, stiffness or chronic injury. Focusing on re-educating unhealthy movement patterns, these classes will help you discover how to improve your motor skills and co-ordination. As you learn to distribute effort more evenly through yourself, over- strained muscles and joints have a chance to return to health.

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